Ajkus imunitet - EN

Ajkus- shark liver oil is completely natural product. The most significant component of Ajkus is alkoxi-glycerol (AKG), the main component of the human breast milk also, which plays crucial role in the developing of our immune system. During life-time we still produce AKG but in very small quantities, therefore is neccessary to supplement it with Ajkus. Reccomended daily dose is 2 capsules of 500 mg , while in the situation of weakened immune system, reccomended daily dose is 4-6 capsules of 500 mg (cold, infuenza, asthma, bronchitis...). 

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Why ajkus

Because 1 capsule is 500mg !

Because it is richer with alkoxi-glycerol ( AKG ) than human breast milk!

Because it doesn't cause any

Stop cold and

Beat asthma,
bronchitis and alergies!

Reduce cholesterol!

Neutralizes all
disorders from
the lack of the
immune system!